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Karin's Fundraiser

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Please help me provide care to children in need.

As a participant in the Buds to Blossoms Pediatric Massage Volunteer Program with AIDS Orphans, I will travel from 1/11-1/17/2017 to Vietnam. There I and my fellow volunteers will work at an AIDS orphanage for three weeks providing gentle massage to foster children's health, well-being and development.

The massages I give will strengthen the children's immune systems, relieve their pain and anxiety, and help meet their needs for one-on-one nurturing attention and touch.

The cost of the trip is an obstacle, and to have the opportunity to be of service to these children, I need your help. Please support me in providing direct care to AIDS orphans by donating to my Buds to Blossoms fundraiser today.

With gratitude,
Karin Wieland
Buds to Blossoms Volunteer

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